Projektowanie wnętrz Gdańsk, Gdynia, Trójmiasto - STUDIO 23A


We offer a wide range of services in the field of interior design including designs of: apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, hotels and all shop and retail areas.


Depending on the needs and requirements of our clients we offer the following:

  • the analysis of possible solutions
  • inventory drawings
  • design of the proposed technical amendments (partition walls to be demolished and built)
  • functional layout - technical drawings with dimensioning and furnishings
  • design of lighting system (lighting points, switches and sockets)
  • drawings of suspended ceilings
  • floor arrangements
  • drawings of water and sewage connections
  • visualization of space in perspective
  • the colour composition, textures and wall papers
  • a detailed description of the proposed equipment
  • the addresses of shops, suppliers and websites
  • the selection of all materials necessary for the completion of the design and the suggestions regarding the places where those materials can be purchased, as well as the estimate of the amount of specific materials needed for the completion of the project
  • the selection of the household appliances, bathroom fixtures, lamps and furniture author's supervisory services rendered during the completion of the works, including the coordination of the works


Thank you for your interest in our company.